Simoni dall Croubelis Music Recordings and Sheet Music

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Simoni Dall Croubelis was a Danish composer who left behind an extensive collection of compositions. Unfortunately, his biographical information is very sparse, and most conclusions about him made by scientists are purely speculation. Croubelis is known by several other names: Domingo Simoni, Dominique Simono, Dominique Simonaux or Simoni dâll Croebelis are just a few of them.

Название Форма Инструмент Рейтинги
Aria in E minor for Tenor and String Quartet Aria / Arietta Chamber group
Concert Danois Villageois, or Divertissement des Dames Concerto Chamber group
Concerto for 2 Flutes in D major Concerto Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra
Flute Concerto in G major 1 Concerto Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra
Flute Concerto in G major 2 Concerto Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra
11 Anglaises Dance Chamber group
24 Anglaises Dance Chamber group
6 Violin Duos Duet Chamber group
Duo Champêtre for 2 Flutes in D minor Duet Chamber group
6 Quatuors Quartet Chamber group
Flute Quartet-Suite in D major Quartet Chamber group
Quartet I, 'Le bien venu de Monsieur le Chambelan de Giedde' Quartet Chamber group
6 Divertissements for Harpsichord and Flute Serenade / Divertimento / Cassation Chamber group
Divertimento in D major Serenade / Divertimento / Cassation Orchestra
6 Sonatas for 2 Flutes Sonata Chamber group
Symphony No.1 in D major, dans le goût Asiatique Symphony Orchestra
10 Trios Trio Chamber group
Trio for Flute, Viola and Cello in D major Trio Chamber group
Trio in B-flat major Trio Chamber group