Приложение Practice

Приложение Practice Practice

The Practice app is a simple way to track how often you practice, and for how long. Set goals, earn badges, and stay motivated.

Отслеживание прогресса

Используйте приложение каждый раз, когда занимаетесь, чтобы наглядно видеть прогресс по неделям, месяцам и годам. Вы также можете добавить конкретные произведения чтобы получить статистику по изучению различных произведений и сравнивать ее между собой.

Индикатор выполнения
Задать вопрос

Задать вопрос при затруднениях

By using the app to practice, you are joining many other music students, enabling discussion around a piece of music. Get stuck and need help? Post a question or help others who are learning with you.

Discover New Music to Learn

The practice app connects to Musopen.org's music library, which means a wealth of new music is available if you want something new to play.

Browse for new music to learn in the music library tab, and explore music by composer, difficulty, or see what's popular.

Приложение Practice
Задать цели

Задать цели

Stay motivated by setting goals against the time you spend practicing. Set a goal across all music each week or month, or set individual goals on a specific piece of music.

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