Bernard Adler Ноты

  • Родился: 8th Май 1879
  • Умер: 11th Июнь 1942
  • Место рождения: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Only snippets of information are available on the life of Bernard Adler, who made at least one important ragtime contribution. The collective snippets are presented here for the first time as a long-view portrait of the composer. Bernard was born in Chicago, Illinois to German immigrant clock and watch repairman Louis Adler and his California born wife Sophie (or Sallie) Aal (possibly the Hebrew A’al). He was the middle child of five siblings, including Flora (12/9/1876), Maurice (c.1878), Sophie (1880) and Janet (1889). While little is known of his training or home life, his abilities went beyond what would be taught at Chicago public schools. The fact that Maurice also became involved in the music business suggests that the brothers received some kind of formal music instruction in a town full of very competent musical talent.

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