Nocturne Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The term 'nocturne' as a designation for a music piece was first used in the 1700s, when it referred to a multi-movement piece for an instrumental ensemble, meant to be played at night (usually at events or parties) and then cast aside. Before that the term referred to the nocturnal religious services. The solo-instrument romantic nocturne as we know it was conceived during the 19th century. The first pieces titled as 'nocturne' were written by John Field, who defined the style of writing singable melodies over simple arpeggio accompaniments. The most famous exponent of the form, however, was Frédéric Chopin, who wrote 21 of them, redefining the nocturne as conceived by Field by taking it to a new level of harmonic complexity and emotional depth.

Название Композитор Инструмент Период Рейтинги
2 Chinese Nocturnes, Op.34 Emerson Whithorne Voice(s) and Piano Early 20th Century
2 Nocturnes Gioachino Antonio Rossini Voice(s) and Piano Romantic
2 Nocturnes, Op.5 Alexander Scriabin Piano Late 19th century
2 Nocturnes, Op.6 Felix Blumenfeld Piano Romantic
2 Nocturnes, Op.10 Jean Vogt Piano Romantic
2 Nocturnes, Op.16 Sigismond Thalberg Piano Romantic
2 Nocturnes, Op.25 Theodor Döhler Piano Romantic
2 Nocturnes, Op.27 Édouard Wolff Piano Romantic
2 Nocturnes, Op.31 Theodor Döhler Piano Romantic
2 Nocturnes, Op.50 Nicholas Charles Bochsa Chamber group Classical
2 Nocturnes, Op.57 Charles-Valentin Alkan Piano Romantic
2 Nocturnes, Op.102 Henri Bertini Piano Romantic
2 Nocturnes sur les Soirées musicales de Rossini Charles-Auguste de Bériot Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic
2 Nocturnos, Op.4 Abraham Tena Manrique Piano Romantic
3 Nocturnes Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Romantic
3 Nocturnes Louis-Emmanuel Jadin Wind Ensemble Classical
3 Nocturnes and 12 Progressive Waltzes, Op.6 Francesco Calegari Guitar Romantic
3 Nocturnes concertants, Op.143 Ferdinando Carulli Chamber group Romantic
3 Nocturnes en Duo Jean-Louis Duport Chamber group Classical
3 Nocturnes for Cello and Guitar Friedrich Burgmüller Chamber group Romantic
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