Miroirs is a piano suite by Ravel, written in 1904-5. It consists of five movements, each one dedicated to a member of the French impressionist group Les Apaches.  Movements 3 and 4 were orchestrated by Ravel, while 5 was orchestrated by Percy Grainger, among others. "Une barque sur l'océan" and "Alborada del gracioso" were orchestrated by Ravel himself. "La vallée des cloches" has been orchestrated by Ernesto Halffter and Percy Grainger. "Oiseaux tristes" has been scored by Felix Günther though aimed at intermediate rather than advanced players, transposed down a semitone and with some of Ravel's rhythms simplified. The ... more

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Sheet music

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Music recordings

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Recording Miroirs - I. Noctuelles Download
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