Жуль Массне

Жуль Массне Ноти

  • Дата народження: 12th Травень 1842
  • Дата смерті: 13th Серпень 1912
  • Місце народження: Saint-Étienne, France

Jules Massenet was a French composer best known for his operas. His compositions were very popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and he ranks as one of the greatest melodists of his era. Soon after his death, Massenet's style went out of fashion, and many of his operas fell into almost total oblivion. Apart from Manon and Werther, his works were rarely performed. However, since the mid-1970s, many operas of his such as Thaïs and Esclarmonde have undergone periodic revivals.