Song Music Recordings and Sheet Music

A song is a vocal musical form that can involve one or many performers, usually (but not always) involving a text or words. Songs are one of the most popular forms of musical expression, and as such there are many different traditions, genres, and classifications for songs. Songs in Western classical (academic) music are often referred to as 'art songs', and they are usually conceived for concert performance. They commonly involve poetical text, and require a considerable level of vocal technique. The art song as a genre has developed in different regions and countries, branching into several denominations. In general terms, the European art song is considered to come from both medieval secular bard music, and religious compositions.

Название Композитор Инструмент Период Рейтинги
2 Chinese Poems, Op.18 Emerson Whithorne Voice(s) and Piano Early 20th Century
2 Geistliche Lieder, Op.40 Heinrich van Eyken Voice(s) and Piano Romantic
2 Geistliche Lieder, Op.112 Felix Mendelssohn Voice(s) and Piano Romantic
2 Gesänge, Op.11 Philipp Wolfrum Choir and Instrument Romantic
2 Gesänge, Op.34 Richard Strauss Choir Late 19th century
2 Gesänge, Op.35 Felix Weingartner Voice(s) and Orchestra Romantic
2 Gesänge, Op.51 Richard Strauss Voice(s) and Orchestra Early 20th Century
2 Größere Gesänge, Op.44 Richard Strauss Voice(s) and Orchestra Late 19th century
2 Lieder nach Gedichten von Rainer Maria Rilke, Op.8 Anton Webern Voice(s) and Instruments Early 20th Century
2 Lieder, Op.19 Anton Webern Choir and Instrument Early 20th Century
2 Lieder, Op.26 Richard Strauss Voice(s) and Piano Late 19th century
2 Lieder, Op.26 Carl Heinrich Carsten Reinecke Voice(s) and Instruments Romantic
2 Lieder, Op.122 Robert Schumann Piano Romantic
2 Mélodies Félix Fourdrain Voice(s) and Piano Early 20th Century
2 Mélodies, Op. 36 Ernest Chausson Voice(s) and Piano Late 19th century
2 Nordic Melodies, Op.63 Edvard Grieg String Orchestra Romantic
2 Poèmes, Op. 34 Ernest Chausson Voice(s) and Piano Late 19th century
2 Poems, Op.9 Sergei Prokofiev Voice(s) and Piano Early 20th Century
2 Sange Harald Danjelsen Voice(s) and Piano Romantic
2 Songs Raymond Huntington Woodman Voice(s) and Piano Early 20th Century
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