Премрл, Станко

Премрл, Станко Ноты

  • Родился: 28th Сентябрь 1880
  • Умер: 14th Март 1965
  • Место рождения: Šent Vid, Slovenia

Stanko Premrl was a Slovenian Roman Catholic priest, composer and music teacher. He is most famous as the author of the music for the Slovenian national anthem, the Zdravljica. Premrl was born in the village of Št. Vid (now Podnanos) in the upper Vipava Valley, in what was then the Austro-Hungarian Duchy of Carniola (now in Slovenia). He successfully completed a study at the Music Conservatory in Vienna. From 1909 to 1939, he served as choir leader at the Ljubljana Cathedral. Between 1908 and 1939, he was head of the Organ School in Ljubljana. He was a significant influence on the development of Slovenian church music.

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