Robert Führer Ноты

  • Родился: 2nd Июнь 1807
  • Умер: 28th Ноябрь 1861
  • Место рождения: Prague, Czech Republic

Robert Führer (born Robert Jan Nepomuk Führer) was a Czech composer. Born in Prague, he became the Director of Music at St. Vitus Cathedral at the age of 32. Despite his considerable artistic gifts, he lived an extravagant lifestyle, and it is said that at one point he sold a valuable Stradivarius violin belong to the Cathedral in order to sustain himself. He was subsequently dismissed, and wandered through several different towns, supporting himself by selling his church music compositions. His music was well loved: no other composer's works enjoyed as widespread performance amongst the choirs in South Germany and Austria during the second half of the 19th century. Many of his pieces were written for rural choirs, and as a consequence, they were not too musically demanding. In spite of this, larger and more difficult works can be found in his output. Although his material was sometimes judged to not have been "carefully" composed, his talent and experience made him well loved by his public.

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