John Dowland

John Dowland Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Рожден
  • Умер
    20th Февраль 1626
  • Место рождения

John Dowland was an English Renaissance composer, singer, and lutenist. He is best known today for his melancholy songs such as "Come, heavy sleep" (the basis for Benjamin Britten's Nocturnal), "Come again", "Flow my tears", "I saw my Lady weepe" and "In darkness let me dwell", but his instrumental music has undergone a major revival, and with the 20th century's Early Music Revival has been a continuing source of repertoire for lutenists and classical guitarists.

Название Форма Инструмент Рейтинги
The Firste Booke of Songes Books Chamber group
Mistress Nichols Almand Dance Chamber group
Mr. George Whitehead his Almand Dance Chamber group
Lamentatio Henrici Noel Funeral Music Chamber group
Captain Digorie Piper his Galliard Galliard Chamber group
Melancholy Galliard Galliard Open Instrumentation
Mr. Bucton's Galliard Galliard Chamber group
The Earl of Essex Galliard Galliard Chamber group
The King of Denmark's Galliard Galliard Chamber group
A Lute Lullaby Lullaby/Berceuse Solo voice(s)
Lachrimae amantis Pavane Chamber group
Lachrimae antiquae novae Pavane Chamber group
Lachrimae coactae Pavane Chamber group
Lachrimae gementes Pavane Chamber group
Lachrimae, or Seven Tears Pavane Lute
Lachrimae tristes Pavane Chamber group
Lachrimae verae Pavane Chamber group
Lachrimae antiquae Piece Chamber group
Mistress Winter's Jump Piece Guitar
In Darkness Let Me Dwell Song Voice(s) and Instruments