Music by Hugo Distler

Born: 24th Июнь 1908

Died: 1st Ноябрь 1942

Birthplace: Nuremberg, Germany

Hugo Distler was a German organist, choral conductor, teacher and composer. Distler enjoyed his first success in 1935 at the official Kassel Music Days (Kasseler Musiktage). He achieved his greatest public success in 1939, at the German Choral Music Festival in Graz, when the Stuttgart Hochschule choir gave the première of sections from the Mörike-Chorliederbuch; the event was regarded as the climax of the festival, but the dissemination of the work took place only after the war. HisMörike-Chorliederbuch is now recognized as "the most important German secular a cappella collection of the 20th century