Henry Rohbock Ноты

  • Родился:пр. 1833
  • Умер:пр. 1874
  • Место рождения: unknown

Compositions published as early as 1838. A book Dedicatory services of the new edifice of the Third Presbyterian Church notes some performances in 1868 in Pittsburgh by Rohbock at the church organ, reasonably good evidence that he was alive at least between 1838 and 1868 (unless there is a Rohbock Sr. and Jr., or similar ambiguity.) (Actually, genealogical records show a Henry F. Rohbock christened about 1856?... so yes and no - yes to possible confusion, but 1838–1868 still seems a good range, though expandable, with caution.)Moreover, see note in discussion section for change from fl1838-1868 to fl1833 to 1874. Professor at the Patapsco Female Institute during the 1840s, according to title pages of his publications.

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