Henri Bertini

Henri Bertini Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Рожден
    28th Октябрь 1798
  • Умер
    30th Сентябрь 1876
  • Место рождения
    London, England

Henri Jérôme Bertini was a French classical composer and pianist. He was born into a family of musicians and attracted the attention of François-Joseph Fétis when he toured Europe as a child prodigy. As an adult he was admired both as a soloist and as a chamber musician; it was said that he played with Johann Nepomuk Hummel's simplicity and elegance without sacrificing the brilliance of the instrument. As a composer he had an original style which was rich in musical ideas, attractive melodies, and effortless harmonies. In 1848 he retired from the musical scene and settled in the Dauphiné in south-east France.