Georges  Bizet

Georges Bizet Mузыкальные Записи

  • Рожден
    25th Октябрь 1838
  • Умер
    3rd Июнь 1875
  • Место рождения
    Paris, France

Georges Bizet was a French composer, mainly of operas. In a career cut short by his early death, he achieved few successes before his final work, Carmen, became one of the most popular and frequently performed works in the entire opera repertory. During a brilliant student career at the Paris Conservatoire Bizet won many prizes, including the prestigious Prix de Rome in 1857. He was recognised as an outstanding pianist, though he chose not to capitalise on this skill and rarely performed in public.

Название Форма Инструмент Рейтинги
Berceuse Lullaby/Berceuse Voice(s) and Piano
"Кармен" Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra
3 Esquisses musicales, Op. 33 Piece Organ
Carmen Suite no. 1 Suite Orchestra
Carmen Suite no. 2 Suite Orchestra
"Рим" Symphony Orchestra