Филиппо Капоччи

Филиппо Капоччи Ноты

  • Родился: 11th Май 1840
  • Умер: 25th Июль 1911
  • Место рождения: Rome, Italy

Filippo Capocci was an Italian organist and composer. After receiving early lessons on the organ and in harmony from his father Gaetano, Capocci earned a diploma as a pianist at the Accademia di S Cecilia in Rome. He took a position as organist at St. John Lateran in 1873 and after a visit by Alexander Guilmant, Capocci devoted himself to the perfection of organ technique. As a performer, he was known for his fine taste in registration and for his phrasing and musicianship. His compositions are mainly for the organ and include a fantasia for the consecration of the organs at St. John Lateran.

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