Шарль Симон Катель

Шарль Симон Катель Ноты

  • Родился: 10th Июль 1773
  • Умер: 29th Ноябрь 1830
  • Место рождения: L'Aigle, Orne, France

Charles Simon Catel was a French composer and educator born at L'Aigle, Orne. Catel studied at the Royal School of Singing in Paris. He was the chief assistant to François-Joseph Gossec at the orchestra of the National Guard in 1790. A member of the Institute, he jointly composed pieces of military music for official state ceremonies, including L'Hymne à la Victoire (Victory Hymn), with words by Ponce-Denis Écouchard-Lebrun). He was appointed inaugural professor of harmony at the Conservatoire de Paris, but was destitute in 1814

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