Caryl Florio Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Рожден
    2nd Ноябрь 1843
  • Умер
    21st Ноябрь 1920
  • Место рождения

Caryl Florio (pseudonym of William James Robjohn) was an English-born American composer. As a teenager he sailed with his parents to New York. The youngster became the first boy soloist in New York's Trinity Church and subsequently worked as an organist and choirmaster as well as touring as an actor. He spent many years at the Vanderbilt estate where he was in charge of music. Florio composed a large amount of music: hymns, chamber music, a piano concerto, a light opera, at least two grand operas and two symphonies.

Фильтр Скрыть
Instruments Choir
Forms Chorale · Madrigal · Sacred Mass