August de Boeck

August de Boeck Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Рожден
    9th Май 1865
  • Умер
    9th Октябрь 1937
  • Место рождения
    Merchtem, Belgium

Julianus Marie August de Boeck was a Flemish composer, organist and music pedagogue. From 1880 he studied organ at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels under Alphonse Mailly, whose assistant he became until 1902. In 1889 he met the young Paul Gilson who became a close friend and, despite being the same age, his teacher for orchestration. Gilson encouraged de Boeck's composition work.

Название Форма Инструмент Рейтинги
Petite Marche March Piano
Dum aurora finem daret Motet Choir and Instrument
Nocturne Nocturne Piano
Winternachtsdroom Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra
Kinderdeuntjes Piano piece Piano
3 Pièces pour orgue Piece Organ
Ave Maria Sacred Mass Choir and Instrument
O beata mater Sacred Mass Voice(s) and Instruments
O Salutaris Hostia Sacred Mass Choir and Instrument
Surrexit Dominus Sacred Mass Choir and Instrument