March Music Recordings and Sheet Music

In music, a march is a piece with a regular rhythm, written in such a style that it could accompany a marching procession. There are military marches, celebratory marches, and funeral marches, with the first usually being performed by wind and brass bands. They almost always include a steady percussion section. Marches can be written in any time signature, but the standard is 4/4, 2/4, or 6/8, with an average tempo of 120 beats per minute. Formally, they tend to repeat sections numerous times, modulating to the nearest keys (like the subdominant or the relative) and including counter-melodies during the repetition of a main melody.

Title Composer Instrument Period Ratings
2 Fest-Märsche, Op.227 Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda Piano 4 hands Romantic
2 Marches caractéristiques, D.968b Franz Schubert Piano 4 hands Romantic
2 Marches, K.335/320a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Orchestra Classical
2 Militärmärsche, Op.57 Richard Strauss Orchestra Early 20th Century
2 Pieces Arthur Foote Organ Early 20th Century
2 Pièces pour orgue Paul Wachs Organ Romantic
2 Spanish National Songs, Op.164 Isaac Albéniz Piano Romantic
3 characteristische Märsche, Op.11 Arthur H. Bird Piano Romantic
3 Grand Marches, Op.79 Carl Czerny Piano Romantic
3 Grandes marches, Op.4 Ferdinand Ries Chamber group Romantic
3 Grandes marches, Op.39 Friedrich Grützmacher Piano Romantic
3 Märchen, Op.34 Henri Vieuxtemps Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic
3 Marches for piano 4-hands, Op.40 Robert Volkmann Piano 4 hands Romantic
3 Marches héroïques, D.602 Franz Schubert Piano 4 hands Romantic
3 Marches, K.408 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Orchestra Classical
3 Marches militaires, D. 733 Franz Schubert Piano 4 hands Romantic
3 Marches, Op.40 Charles-Valentin Alkan Piano Romantic
3 Märsche, Op.74 Carl Banck Piano Romantic
3 Parade Marscher Rudolph Bay Orchestra Romantic
4 Marches et 6 Préludes pour la Guitare, Opp.48-49 Napoleón Coste Guitar Romantic