William Dressler Sheet Music

  • Born: 1826
  • Died: 2nd July 1914
  • Birthplace: Nottingham, England

William Dressler was an English musician. He graduated from the Cologne Conservatory of Music in 1847. Shortly after he became first violinist of the Opera house in Wiesbaden and then became conductor. After traveling several seasons he settled in New York city and devoted himself to teaching, playing in churches and composing. He was former choirmaster and organist of the Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church. He played in other churches, among them St. Charles Borromeo's, St. Peter's Roman Catholic in Brookly and St. Peter's in Jersey City, where he remained for eighteen years. This long term in churches led him to compose much music for their service and many of his compositions have been used all over the world. He was for many years musical editor for the old publishing house of William Hall & Son. He was the ather of Louis Raphael Dressler.