Spring Mornings, Op.56

12 pieces:When the Morning First Dawns, Waltz (from Amilie by William Michael Rooke). Oh! I Love the Early Morn, Polka. (after Michael William Balfe's cavatina of the same name)Queen of Merry May, Quick Step. Wake Up My Own Sweet Rose, Waltz. Woodland Polka (including music by William Vincent Wallace)May Polonaise (quotes The Beautiful Flowers of May by A. Leeand The May Zephyr by Kreipl(?) according to the composer)I've Been Roaming, Rondo. (after music by C.E. Horn.)Come Where the Violets Blow, Rondo. Gentle Kate, Waltz ... more

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Sheet music

Title Edition Preview Download
Sheet Music No.1. When the Morning First Dawns, Waltz (in G major) Preview Download
Sheet Music 2. Oh! I Love the Early Morn, Polka (from M. W. Balfe) Preview Download


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