Pierre Baillot

Pierre Baillot Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    1st October 1771
  • Died
    15th September 1842
  • Birthplace
    Passy, Paris, France

Pierre Marie François de Sales Baillot was a French violinist and composer born in Passy. He studied the violin under Giovanni Battista Viotti and taught at the Paris Conservatoire together with Pierre Rode (also a pupil of Viotti) andRodolphe Kreutzer, who wrote the conservatoire's official violin method (published in the early 19th century).

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Air de Paisiello, Op.19 Aria / Arietta Violin
Air russe, Op.20 Aria / Arietta Violin
L'Art du Violon Books Violin
Méthode de Violon Books Violin
Méthode de Violoncelle Books Cello
12 Caprices ou Études, Op.2 Caprice Solo Instrument and Piano
3 Violin Duos, Op.16 Duet Chamber group
24 Études for 2 Violins, Op.posth. Etude Chamber group
3 Nocturnes, Op.35 Nocturne Solo Instrument and Piano
3 String Quartets, Op.34 Quartet String Quartet
Violin Sonata, Op.32 Sonata Solo Instrument and Piano
2 Airs variés, Op.5 Theme and Variations Chamber group
Air russe varié, Op.37 Theme and Variations String Quartet
3 String Trios, Op.4 Trio String Trio
6 String Trios, Op.1 Trio String Trio