Nikolay Afanasyev

Nikolay Afanasyev Music Recordings and Sheet Music

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    Saint Petersburg, Russia

Nikolay Yakovlevich Afanasyev (Russian: Николай Яковлевич Афанасьев; January 12, 1821 [O.S. December 31, 1820] – June 3 [O.S. May 22] 1898) was an Imperial Russian violin virtuoso and composer. His memoirs 'Vospominaniya' ('Reminiscences') appeared in 1890, and recorded his experiences as a touring musician, as part of a panorama of Russian musical life during the mid 19th century. He became an honorary member of the Russian Musical Society in 1896.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Le souvenir Duet Solo Instrument and Piano
Double Quartet Octet String Quartet
String Quartet in A minor Quartet String Quartet