Louis Couperin Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    c. 1626
  • Died
    29th August 1661
  • Birthplace
    Chaumes-en-Brie, France

Louis Couperin was a French Baroque composer and performer. He was born in Chaumes-en-Brie and moved to Paris in 1650–1651 with the help of Jacques Champion de Chambonnières. Couperin worked as organist of the Church of St. Gervais in Paris and as musician at the court. He quickly became one of the most prominent Parisian musicians, establishing himself as a harpsichordist, organist, and violist, but his career was cut short by his early death at the age of thirty-five. None of Couperin's music was published during his lifetime, but manuscript copies of some 200 pieces survive, some of them only rediscovered in the mid-20th century. The first historically important member of the Couperin family, Couperin made seminal contributions to the development of both the French organ school and French harpsichord school. His innovations included composing organ pieces for specific registrations and inventing the genre of the unmeasured preludefor harpsichord, for which he devised a special type of notation.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
2 Carillons Books Organ
Chaconne Chaconne Organ
Fantaisie Fantasy Piano
Gavotte in D minor Gavotte Piano
La Pastourelle Piano piece Piano
Rigaudon et double Piano piece Piano
Pieces from the Bauyn manuscript Piece Harpsichord
Sarabande en canon Saraband Piano