Justin Clérice

Justin Clérice Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    16th October 1863
  • Died
    9th September 1908
  • Birthplace
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

Justin Clérice was a prolific composer who became famous in all kinds of light music: songs and melodies, music and dance show, stage music and ballet, magazines and operettas. Although born October 16, 1863 in Buenos Aires, Justin Clérice was French. His father Victor Norman origin, had settled with his wife in the Argentine capital, where he worked as a coachbuilder. The death of his father (1881) led the Clérice family to return to France. Without ever knowing real success, he was almost constantly on display, and that even at a time when the traditional operetta was outdated.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Une fête à Rome Ballet Orchestra
Caprice tzigane Caprice Piano
Danse bohème Dance Piano
Hermosa Dance Piano
Le pilou-pilou Dance Piano
Mi Morena Dance Piano
Monona! Dance Piano
Negrita Dance Piano
Noema Dance Piano
Ségovie Dance Piano
Parisian-niggers Fantasy Piano
Gavotte royale Gavotte Piano
Billet doux Intermezzi Piano
Heures grises Intermezzi Piano
American March March Piano
L'Espérantelle March Piano
Marche des archers March Piano
Paris-Vienne March Piano
Première victoire March Piano
Voilà les pantins! March Piano