John Dunstaple

John Dunstaple Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    c. 1390
  • Died
    24th December 1453
  • Birthplace
    Probably Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England

John Dunstaple was an English composer of polyphonic music of the late medieval era and early Renaissance periods. He was one of the most famous composers active in the early 15th century, a near-contemporary of Leonel Power, and was widely influential, not only in England but on the continent, especially in the developing style of the Burgundian School. The spelling "Dunstaple" is preferred by Margaret Bent, since it occurs in more than twice as many musical attributions as that of "Dunstable". The few English musical sources are equally divided between "b" and "p"; however, the contemporary non-musical sources, including those with a claim to a direct association with the composer, spell his name with a "p." Both spellings remain in common usage. Of the works attributed to him only about fifty survive, among which are two complete masses, three sets of connected mass sections, fourteen individual mass sections, twelve complete isorhythmic motets (including the famous one which combines the hymn Veni creator spiritus and the sequence Veni sancte spiritus, and the less well-known Albanus roseo rutilat mentioned above), as well as twenty-seven separate settings of various liturgical texts, including three Magnificats and seven settings of Marian antiphons, such asAlma redemptoris Mater and Salve Regina, Mater misericordiae.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Veni Sancte Spiritus Anthem Solo voice(s)
Chanson Canzona Organ
Puisque m'amour Canzona Solo voice(s)
Albanus roseo - Quoque ferendus Motet Solo voice(s)
Ascendit Christus Motet Solo voice(s)
Beata dei genitrix Motet Solo voice(s)
Dies dignus - Demon dolens - Iste confessor Motet Solo voice(s)
Gaude felix - Gaude mater - Anna perens Motet Solo voice(s)
Gaude virgo Katerina Motet Solo voice(s)
Gaude virgo - Virgo mater Motet Solo voice(s)
Preco preheminencie - Precursor Motet Solo voice(s)
Regina celi Motet Solo voice(s)
Salve mater salvatoris Motet Solo voice(s)
Sancta dei genitrix Motet Solo voice(s)
Specialis virgo Motet Solo voice(s)
Speciosa facta es Motet Solo voice(s)
Agnus Dei Sacred Mass Solo voice(s)
Alma Redemptoris Sacred Mass Solo voice(s)
Ave maris stella Sacred Mass Solo voice(s)
Ave Regina Sacred Mass Choir