Guillaume Balay Sheet Music

  • Born: 30th April 1871
  • Died: 13th December 1943
  • Birthplace: Crozon, France

Guillaume Balay Served in the French military as a cornet player with the 19th Infantry Regiment. Won first place in the 1894 cornet award competition given by the National Academy of Music in Paris. In 1898 became the head of music for the 119th Infantry Regiment. In 1911 succeeded Gabriel Pares as the head of music of the Republican Guard. Many of Balay's compositions became part of the standard repertoire (at the time) for the bands of the Republican Guard. Retired in 1927. Many of his works for solo cornet à pistons remain in the trumpet player's repertoire. Balay also composed chamber music, solo music for other wind instruments and band music (obviously!). In addition to his accomplishments as a bandleader, soloist and composer, Balay also published his own cornet method and was respected as a teacher.

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