Gaston Carraud Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    20th July 1864
  • Died
    15th June 1920
  • Birthplace
    Le Mee-sur-Seine, France

Gaston Carraud was a French composer and music critic. Carraud began his musical training at the École Mong, receiving instruction Alberic Magnard, Charles Koechlin, Pillois of Jacques, Andre Caplet and Gabriel Bender. He then studied composition at the Paris Conservatoire with Jules Massenet in 1890 and earned the Prix de Rome with the cantata Cleopatra according to a text of Fernand Beissier. He wrote later symphonic poems The Ride of the chimera, Nights from the poems of Alfred de Musset and opening Buona Pasqua. From 1905, he served as music critic for the newspaper La Liberté. In 1921 was published in Paris his book The life, work and death of Alberic Magnard (1865-1914).

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