August Conradi

August Conradi Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    27th June 1821
  • Died
    26th May 1873
  • Birthplace
    Berlin, Germany

August Conradi was a German organist and composer. Born in Berlin, he was originally intended by his father to study theology. Instead, he was enrolled at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin. There he studied harmony and composition with Carl Friedrich Rungenhagen, director of the Berlin Singakademie. In 1843, he became a church organist of Invalidenhaus, Berlin, also writing his first symphony plus a Zigeunerpolka for orchestra the same year. The latter was arranged for piano by Hungarian pianist and composer Franz Liszt. Conradi held various conducting appointments; these included Stettin (1849), Berlin (1850), Düsseldorf (1852), and Cologne (1853), then Berlin again at such theaters as Kroll's, the Wallner-Theater and the Victoria-Theater

Title Form Instrument Ratings
2 Zigeuner-Polkas, Op.5 Polka Orchestra
Musikalische Bilderbogen, Op.97 Potpourri Piano 4 hands
Offenbachiana, Op.111 Potpourri Piano 4 hands
Adagio e Rondo Rondo Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra