Alfonso Broqua

Alfonso Broqua Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    11th September 1876
  • Died
    24th November 1946
  • Birthplace
    Montevideo, Uruguay

Alfonso Broqua was an Uruguayan composer. His first important work is Tabaré, lyrical adaptation of the poem fragments of Juan Zorrilla de San Martín, for voices and orchestra, premiered in Montevideo in 1910. He also has a suite for piano called Poema de las Lomas, executed in Paris by pianists Ricaro Vines and Maria. Marcel Heuchin, among others. Also he wrote Quintet in G minor, premiered in Paris at the Societé Nationale de Musique, with critical acclaim, and a large number of spare pieces for one and two guitars, instrument by which composed with an unprecedented ability

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Preludios Pampenos Prelude Piano
Piano Quintet in G minor Quintet Chamber group
Tabaré Symphonic Poem Voice(s) and Orchestra
Vals Waltz Piano