Jakob Zeugheer ورقة الموسيقى

  • مولود: 20th يوليو 1803
  • مات: 15th يونيو 1865
  • مسقط الرأس: Zürich, Switzerland

Jakob Zeugheer was a Swiss violinist, conductor and composer. Born at Zürich in 1803, Zeugheer learned the violin first from Wassermann in his native town, and in 1818 was placed at Munich under Ferdinand Franzel, for the violin, and Gratz for composition and musical science. A visit to Vienna in 1823 confirmed his enthusiasm for chamber-music and Beethoven, who remained through life the object of his highest veneration. He wrote two Symphonies, two Overtures, a Cantata, two sets of Entr'actes, a Violin Concerto op. 28, a Potpourri for violin and orchestra op. 6, an instrumental Quartet, an Andante and Rondo for piano and violin op. 21, and a Polacca fur four voices, few of them published. In Liverpool he wrote an opera Angela of Venice to Chorley's words, but it was neither produced nor published, owing to the badness of the libretto. He published two sets of waltzes, a vocal duet "Come, lovely May", and other songs and glees.

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