Thomas Cooke

Thomas Cooke Ноти

  • Дата народження: 1782
  • Дата смерті: 1848
  • Місце народження: Dublin, Ireland

Thomas Cooke was a musical composer. He received his first musical instruction from his father. Subsequently he became a pupil of Giordani, and in 1797 was engaged as leader of the band in the Crow Street Theatre. After some years he ventured to appear in a new capacity, as a dramatic singer, choosing for his first appearance the part of the Seraskier in Storace's ‘Siege of Belgrade.’ His success was such as to warrant his representing the same part in London at the Lyceum Theatre on 13 July 1813. On 14 Sept. 1815 he began his long connection with Drury Lane Theatre, appearing in Linley's ‘Duenna.’ For many years he held the post of principal tenor, and from about 1821 the direction of the music was placed in his hands. For some time he appeared alternately as a singer and as orchestral leader. He was a member of the Philharmonic Society, and occasionally appeared as leader of the band at its concerts. He belonged also to the Royal Academy of Music, though he was not one of the original members. From 1828 to 1830 he was one of the musical managers of Vauxhall Gardens. For many years he sang in the choir of the Bavarian Chapel, Warwick Street, Regent Street. These various engagements were of course quite subsidiary to his work as musical director of Drury Lane.

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