Stanislao Falchi

Stanislao Falchi Ноти

  • Дата народження: 29th Січень 1851
  • Дата смерті: 13th Листопад 1922
  • Місце народження: Rome, Italy

Stanislao Falchi was an Italian composer. He studied in Terni with Celestino Magi and in Rome with Salvatore Meluzzi and Ettore Pinelli. Here since 1877 was professor of choral singing in Santa Cecilia, and later became a professor of harmony and composition. From 1902 to 1916 he was director of the Liceo Musicale di Santa Cecilia. Had, among his students, Licinio Refice and Vittorio Gui. He wrote three operas: Lorhelia, Flemish legend, in a prologue and four acts, libretto by Pietro Calvi (first performance in Rome, Teatro Argentina, December 4, 1878), Judith, in four acts, libretto by Romulus Brigiuti and Francesco Mancini (Rome, Apollo Theatre March 12, 1887) and Tartini or the Devil's Trill, semiseria in three acts with libretto by Ugo Fleres, (Rome, Teatro Argentina, January 29, 1899 with Giuseppe Borgatti). Tartini or the il Trillo del Diavolo, which was successful and was revived for a few years, especially in Rome (at the Teatro Costanzi in 1902) is remembered today for its violin solo.

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