Joseph Bonnet

Joseph Bonnet Sheet Music

  • Born
    17th March 1884
  • Died
    2nd August 1944
  • Birthplace
    Bordeaux, France

Joseph Bonnet was a French composer and organist. One of the major French pipe organ players, Joseph Bonnet was born in Bordeaux. He first studied with his father, an organist at St. Eulalie. At the age of 14, he became official organist, first at St. Nicholas and almost immediately at St. Michael. Bonnet also attended classes with Alexandre Guilmant at the Conservatoire de Paris. A few years later he finished with a first prize and, in 1906 was selected to become the organist at St. Eustache, Paris. In 1911 he had the privilege of succeeding Guilmant as concert organist at the conservatoire. He was actively teaching at this time and one of his notable students from his earlier years was Canadian organist Henri Gagnon.

Title Form Instrument
Historical Organ-Recitals Compilation Organ
12 Pièces, Op.5 Piece Organ
12 Pièces, Op.7 Piece Organ
12 Pièces, Op.10 Piece Organ
Poèmes d'Automne, Op.3 Piece Organ
Pater Noster, Op.8 No.1 Sacred Mass Voice(s) and Instruments
Variations de Concert, Op.1 Theme and Variations Organ