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Studio is a web app to help teachers run their music studio. Add students, schedule lessons and performances, assign homework, and manage billing all in one place.

Studio app
Studio app

Track Practice Time

Using our practice app, teachers can keep track of student practice time and see class or individual activity at a glance or in detail by day. Keep students honest and motivated to practice.

Add and Manage Students

Keep track of students, bills, and homework by adding a list of all your students. Keep things organized by grouping by class, instrument, experience, or a custom tag.

Studio app
Studio app

Assign Homework

In addition to practice time and scheduling lessons or performances, Studio can keep track of homework assignments. Automatically send reminders if a student is close to missing a deadline, keep track of grades, and see at a glance how students are performing.

Practice + Studio

Combine the Practice app with Studio for a full suite of teaching tools that help empower your students as they learn.

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Studio + Practice
Studio app

Handle Payments Online

Simplify billing by letting Studio send billing reminders, flexible payment options including online payments via credit card.

Keep track of payments owed or paid in a simple dashboard. Studio can even automate cancellation policies, say charging 75% or 50% depending on how soon the next lesson is.

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