Louis Delune

Louis Delune Ноты

  • Родился: 15th Март 1876
  • Умер: 5th Январь 1940
  • Место рождения: Charleroi, Belgium

Louis Delune was a Belgian composer, conductor and pianist. Louis Delune was trained at the Brussels Conservatory, where one of his teachers was Edgar Tinel. in 1900 Delune won the first prize of the "Académie royale" for his Piano Concerto. 1905 received. for his cantata "La mort du roi Reynaud," the Belgian Prix de Rome. After a failed attempt to create a symphonic concert Society (Société symphonique the Nouveaux Concerts) Delune 1906 moved to Paris, but visited often as a conductor and pianist, his native city of Charleroi and Brussels, where he taught as a piano teacher at the conservatory. During World War II, he sought exile in London Conservation and later took French nationality. Delunes oeuvre remained relatively unknown, although he left works in various genres. So come from his pen two operas, piano and cello concertos, several symphonies, ballet and piano pieces, string quartets and other chamber music.

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