Jean Baptiste Lully

Jean Baptiste Lully Mузыкальные Записи

  • Рожден
    28th Ноябрь 1632
  • Умер
    22nd Март 1687
  • Место рождения
    Florence, Italy

Jean-Baptiste Lully (born Giovanni Battista Lulli) was a Florentine-born French composer who spent most of his life working in the court of Louis XIV of France. He is considered the chief master of the French baroque style. Lully disavowed any Italian influence in French music of the period. He became a French subject in 1661.

Название Форма Инструмент Рейтинги
"Гавот" Gavotte Solo Instrument and Piano
Le bourgeois gentilhomme, LWV 43 Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra