Bernhardus Boekelman

Bernhardus Boekelman Ноты

  • Родился: 9th Июнь 1838
  • Умер: 2nd Август 1930
  • Место рождения: Utrecht, Netherlands

Bernardus Boekelman was a concert pianist, studied with his father, 1857-1860 graduated under Ignaz Moscheles, Louis Plaidy, Ernst Friedrich Richter and Moritz Hauptmann from Leipzig Conservatory, 1857-1864 studied privately with Theodor Kullak, Hans von Bulow, Carl Friedrich Weitzmann and Friedrich Kiel in Berlin, 1861-1863 teacher at Kullak and Julius Stern Conservatories in Berlin, 1864 toured Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico, 30.apr.1866 emigrated from Mexico to the USA settling in New York City, 1866-1867 pianist with the Philharmonic Society of New York under Leopold Damrosch, 1867-1888 founded and directed the New York Trio Club for chamber concerts, 11.sep.1871 naturalized American, 1883-1897 director of Miss Porter School in Farmington Connecticut, 1897-1920 of Mrs. Dow's Briarcliff College New York, member of Teachers Associations and the Bohemians New York, 1910-1921 residing at 53 West 92nd Street New York ; son of composer Antonius Johannes Boekelman (Groningen 8.jul.1810-17.may.1890 Utrecht) and Wilhelmine Meulman ; 1870 he married Rosa Spielmann (NJ, Hoboken 17.apr.1850-26.mar.1889 New York City), Bernardus was widowed with four young children and never remarried

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