Philip Louis Brachet

Philip Louis Brachet Partitura

  • Nascermos: 1828
  • Morreu: 19th Junho 1889
  • Berço: Prussia

Philip Louis Brachet was born in 1828 in Prussia. While details of his early life in Prussia are unclear, records indicate he immigrated to the United States in 1860 and became a naturalized citizen on April 28 of the same year. A prolific composer of pieces for the piano and zither, a number of Philip Brachet's works are now archived at the Library of Congress. One piece for the zither, titled "Erinnerung an Nazareth" (Memory of Nazareth), provides a clue that he travelled to Nazareth, PA on at least one occasion. It is unknown what his specific purpose was for traveling to Nazareth, but it may have been for the purpose of picking up his specially made zithers and other instruments from the Martin Guitar Co. to sell at his residence on Callowhill St. "Erinnerung an Nazareth," written as a polka, hints that his visit to Nazareth, PA was a pleasant one.

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