José Ferrer

José Ferrer Partitura

  • Nascermos: 13th Março 1835
  • Morreu: 7th Março 1916
  • Berço: Torroella de Montgrí, Girona, Spain

José Ferrer Esteve de Fujadas was a Spanish guitarist and composer. He studied guitar with his father, a guitarist and collector of sheet music, before continuing his studies with José Brocá. In 1882, he left Spain for Paris in order to teach at the Institut Rudy and at the Académie Internationale de Musique. He dedicated a number of his pieces to his pupils, especially to the females. Ferrer gave regular performances as a soloist and later taught at the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu in Barcelona. Following a second stay in Paris, he settled permanently in Barcelona in 1898, where he died on 7 March 1916. His compositions were written mainly for solo guitar and resembled the fashionable salon music of his time, bearing titles such as Le Charme de la nuit (Charm of the Night) and La Danse des Naïades (Dance of the Naiads). He also wrote a method for guitar as well as duos for guitar and flute, and songs.

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