August Klughardt

August Klughardt Partitura

  • Nascermos: 30th Novembro 1847
  • Morreu: 3rd Agosto 1902
  • Berço: Köthen, Germany

August Friedrich Martin Klughardt was a German composer and conductor. Klughardt's meeting with Liszt established his enthusiasm for the music of the Neudeutsche Schule around Wagner and Liszt, and his works reflect some of their conceptions. Nevertheless, Klughardt did not shy away from keeping up genres which Wagner and Liszt rejected: he wrote symphonies and chamber music, but he did not compose a single symphonic poem, opting instead for the more old-fashioned programmatic overtures. In this sense, Schumann's influence is obvious in Klughardt's works. In his operas, he used the leitmotif technique, but he held to the older number opera instead of Wagner's through-composed music-drama.

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