21st Century Music Recordings

The music of the 21th century has been, until this point, characterized by its diversity. Many trends can be said to conform the landscape of current musical creation, such as polystylism and eclecticism, but these terms, being relatively new, are also hard to define. In general terms, the music of the current century has been profoundly influenced by technological development: computing has grown to a point where music can be easily produced with home resources. This, coupled with the new technologies of information, -particularly adided by the Internet and its related technology- has radically changed the way music is defined, conceived, marketed, and reproduced. There has been a slackening in the delimitation of musical genres, and in the roles of the player, composer, conductor, producer, and related positions in the music creation process and the music industry.

Title Composer Form Instrument Ratings
Bagatelle du Bayam Sellam de Nkololoun Archippe Yepmou Bagatelle Piano
Improvisata Norvegica 'Langeleik' Frank Zintl Dance Synthesizer
Berceuse de Nefer Archippe Yepmou Piano piece Piano
Deszcz Maciej Żołnowski Piano piece Piano
Esquisses for Piano Denis Pisarevsky Piano piece Piano
Improvisata Persica 'Santur' Frank Zintl Piano piece Synthesizer
Kwartet Japoński I Maciej Żołnowski Piece String Quartet
Kwartet Japoński II Maciej Żołnowski Piece String Quartet
Pumped Justin Mahar Piece Computer
The Grind Justin Mahar Piece Computer
Sonata for Violin and Piano Denis Pisarevsky Sonata Solo Instrument and Piano
Buxtiana Denis Pisarevsky Suite Organ
Organ Symphony Denis Pisarevsky Symphony Organ
Sanaga River Dance Archippe Yepmou Theme and Variations Piano