21st Century Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The music of the 21th century has been, until this point, characterized by its diversity. Many trends can be said to conform the landscape of current musical creation, such as polystylism and eclecticism, but these terms, being relatively new, are also hard to define. In general terms, the music of the current century has been profoundly influenced by technological development: computing has grown to a point where music can be easily produced with home resources. This, coupled with the new technologies of information, -particularly adided by the Internet and its related technology- has radically changed the way music is defined, conceived, marketed, and reproduced. There has been a slackening in the delimitation of musical genres, and in the roles of the player, composer, conductor, producer, and related positions in the music creation process and the music industry.

Title Composer Form Instrument Ratings
Himno Santa Marta Manuel Alejandre Prada Anthem Choir and Orchestra
Sebben crudele Richard Kram Aria / Arietta Voice(s) and Piano
Bagatelle du Bayam Sellam de Nkololoun Archippe Yepmou Bagatelle Piano
Bagatelle, Op.23 Abraham Tena Manrique Bagatelle Piano
Fugen des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts Hartwig Albrecht Books Piano
Julian Santos 100 años de música Julián Santos Carrión Books N/A
15 Two-part Canons for Brass Michel Rondeau Canon Wind Ensemble
Araye d'oro Segun Akinfenwa Cantata Organ
Cantata del Centenario, Op.52 Manuel Alejandre Prada Cantata Voice(s) and Orchestra
Cantata Salomón, Op.42 Manuel Alejandre Prada Cantata Voice(s) and Orchestra
From Fairest Creatures Michel Rondeau Cantata Voice(s) and Piano
Capricio for 3 Trumpets Michel Rondeau Caprice Wind Ensemble
A Comparison of Choral Sample Libraries Richard Kram Chorale Choir
A Major Madness Herbert Straus Gardner Chorale String Orchestra
Aleluya Julio A. Bueno Chorale Choir
An Introduction to the Bach Chorale Herbert Straus Gardner Chorale Orchestra
Benedic anima mea Francesco Zane Chorale Choir and Instrument
Benedixisti Domine Francesco Zane Chorale Choir
Cantantes Robert Edward Bridson Chorale Choir
Crudelis Herodes Francesco Zane Chorale Choir
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