Timothy Jones Music

A native of Kansas, Timothy Jones began playing the violin in 1996 under the direction of his sister. At 17, Jones earned a permanent position in the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, in which he played for five years. While a member of the Orchestra, Jones earned bachelor’s degrees in Violin Performance and Music Education. In 2010 he relocated to pursue a Master’s degree at Azusa Pacific University in California. Jones performed three times as a soloist with orchestra and participated in the formation of various chamber music groups including traditional string quartets as well as ensembles focused on the performance of modern and experimental music. Jones maintains an active presence in the world of education, primarily as a private teacher, while having also worked in group settings at music schools and festivals. In 2012 Jones played in the faculty orchestra of the Sunflower Music Festival in Kansas and shortly thereafter moved to Porto Alegre, Brazil, where he is currently completing a doctorate in Performance with Dr. Fredi Gerling at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

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