Peter Bradley-Fulgoni Music Recordings and Sheet Music

Title Composer Form Instrument Period Ratings
Jesus nahm zu sich die Zwölfe, BWV 22 Johann Sebastian Bach Cantata Choir and Orchestra Baroque
Great 18 Chorale Preludes, BWV 651-668 Johann Sebastian Bach Chorale Prelude Organ Baroque
Orgel Büchlein, BWV 599-644 Johann Sebastian Bach Chorale Prelude Organ Baroque
Italian Concerto, BWV. 971 Johann Sebastian Bach Concerto Harpsichord Baroque
Piano Concerto no. 5 in Eb 'Emperor', Op. 73 Ludwig van Beethoven Concerto Piano and orchestra Romantic
3 Concert Etudes, S. 144 Franz Liszt Etude Piano Romantic
Études Tableaux, Op. 33 Sergei Rachmaninoff Etude Piano Early 20th Century
Fantasia in D minor, K. 397 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Fantasy Piano Classical
3 Pieces, Op. 2 Alexander Scriabin Piano piece Piano Late 19th century
4 Piano Pieces, Op. 119 Johannes Brahms Piano piece Piano Romantic
In Smyrna Antonín Dvořák Piano piece Piano Early 20th Century
L'Almanach aux images Gabriel Grovlez Piano piece Piano Early 20th Century
Morceaux de fantaisie, Op. 3 Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano piece Piano Romantic
Nuages gris, S. 199 Franz Liszt Piano piece Piano Romantic
Skizze Edward Elgar Piano piece Piano Romantic
The Seasons, Op. 37a Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky Piano piece Piano Romantic
10 Correnti per Cembalo od Organo Michelangelo Rossi Piece Harpsichord Baroque
Adagio in B minor, K. 540 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piece Piano Classical
Popular Pieces by Old Italian Composers Ernst Pauer Piece Harpsichord Baroque
10 Preludes, Op.23 Sergei Rachmaninoff Prelude Piano Romantic