Luke Palmer

Luke Palmer Music

Luke Palmer has been composing since he was 12 years old, and through his childhood and teenage years wrote three piano sonatas, a piano concerto and a set of symphonic poems, among many other experimental pieces. In 2007 he founded the improvisational fusion band Strange New Worlds, which played many live shows featuring on-the-spot compositions, including the famous Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver, Colorado. After a (successful but ultimately unfulfilling) foray into software engineering, Luke is reuniting with his passion for music, with a new interest in production and sound effects. He composed the score for the indie space-exploration game Gravmari by Hubris Arts and his second piano sonata was used in BBS: The Documentary (episode: "Make it Pay"). Luke has recently been experimenting with electronic and ambient music forms, but has not lost touch with his roots in piano.

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