Viola Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The viola is a bowed string instrument of the violin family. It has four strings tuned C, G, D, A, and serves as the middle voice between the cello (tuned an octave below it) and the violin (tuned a perfect fifth above it). In construction and shape it is similar to the violin, albeit larger in size. This, coupled with the fact that it usually employs heavier strings, makes for a warmer and deeper sound. The particular register of the viola makes it one of the few instrument with music mainly written in the alto clef. The viola has a established role as part of the string section of a standard orchestra. Though historically -and due to its register and tone- it has served accompaniment purposes, the 20th century saw an increased interest in the viola. Many specialized players emerged, and a substantial amount of solo repertoire was produced.  

Title Composer Form Period Ratings
Ancor che col partire Girolamo Dalla Casa Books Renaissance
L'Art de toucher le dessus et le basse de violle Danoville Books Baroque
Metodo per viola seguito da 25 studi Antonio Bartolomeo Bruni Books Classical
Viola Method Eugenio Cavallini Books Romantic
Viola School Adam Carse Books Early 20th Century
Alleluia, Confitemini e Laudate Manoel Dias de Oliveira Cantata Classical
Capricci, Op.22 Bartolomeo Campagnoli Caprice Classical
Capriccio 'Hommage à Paganini', Op.55 Henri Vieuxtemps Caprice Romantic
Caprice for Viola, Op.79 Joseph von Blumenthal Caprice Romantic
Attende cælum Manoel Dias de Oliveira Chorale Classical
12 Etudes for Viola Franz Anton Hoffmeister Etude Classical
12 Studies, Op.125 Marco Anzoletti Etude Romantic
Progressive Studies for the Viola, Op.40 Emil Kreuz Etude Romantic
Select Studies for the Viola Emil Kreuz Etude Romantic
Märchenbilder, Op. 113 Robert Schumann Piece Romantic
2 Viola Sonatas, Op.3 (BI 324, 325) Alessandro Rolla Sonata Classical
6 Sonatas for Vielle, Op.3 Charles Bâton Sonata Baroque
Sonata for Viola Solo, Op.59 Willy Burkhard Sonata Early 20th Century
3 Suites for Solo Viola, Op.131d Max Reger Suite Romantic
Suite in A minor Johann Jacob Froberger Suite Baroque