String Quartet Music Recordings

The string quartet is one of the most important chamber ensembles in Western classical music. It consists of two violins, a viola and a violoncello. This choice of instruments probably derives from the standard treatment of human-voice registers (with the soprano and alto being represented by the violins, the tenor by the viola, and the bass by the cello). String quartets almost invariably play pieces conceived for such ensembles, also called 'string quartets'.

Title Composer Form Period Ratings
5 Fantasiestücke, Op. 5 Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Fantasy Romantic
Fantasie for String Quartet, Op.40 Andreas Romberg Fantasy Classical
Folk-Song Phantasy 'Dance to your daddy', Op. 18 Harry Waldo Warner Fantasy Early 20th Century
Phantasie William Yeates Hurlstone Fantasy Romantic
At the Monastery Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Fugue Romantic
Grand Fugue, Op. 133 Ludwig van Beethoven Fugue Romantic
Am Grabe Richard Wagners, S. 135 Franz Liszt Funeral Music Romantic
Andantino sur le thème B-la-f, Op. 7 Aleksandr Kopylov Piece Romantic
Kwartet Japoński I Maciej Żołnowski Piece 21st Century
Kwartet Japoński II Maciej Żołnowski Piece 21st Century
2 Pièces pour quatuor à cordes Samuel Alexandre Rousseau Quartet Romantic
3 String Quartets, Op. 7 Franz Danzi Quartet Classical
3 String Quartets, Op.7 Jacques Féréol Mazas Quartet Romantic
Am Allerseelentage Kurt Kárnauke Quartet Early 20th Century
Lakme - Flower Duet (String Quartet arr.) Léo Delibes Quartet Romantic
Meditation on the Old Czech Chorale 'St. Wenceslas', Op. 35a Josef Suk Quartet Romantic
Pour le temps de la moisson Étienne Royer Quartet Romantic
Quartet in D major, Hob. III:34 Franz Joseph Haydn Quartet Romantic
Quartettino, Op.5 Vladimir Pogozhev Quartet Romantic
Quartettsatz, D. 703 Franz Schubert Quartet Romantic