Recorder Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The recorder is a family of woodwind instruments of the group, that includes the tin whistle. A standard recorder has seven holes for fingers (with the lower ones doubled) and one for the thumb. The recorder was a popular instrument during medieval times, and through the baroque era, but its use declined in the 18th century with the rise of other woodwind instruments such as the flute and oboe. It was largely revived in the 20th century, not only due to rising interest in historical performance, but also because its simplicity makes it a great teaching tool. Currently, recorders are crafted out of wood, plastic, or sometimes ivory.

Title Composer Form Period Ratings
Der Fluyten Lust-Hof Jacob van Eyck Books Baroque
Concerto for Recorder and Viola da Gamba, TWV 52:a1 Georg Philipp Telemann Concerto Baroque
Fantasia, FWB CCLXI William Byrd Fantasy Renaissance
Violin Partita no. 3, BWV 1006 Johann Sebastian Bach Partita Baroque
Melodies from the Piano Sonatas Franz Joseph Haydn Piece Classical
Ut re mi fa sol la William Byrd Piece Renaissance
Sonatas, Partite and Divertimento for Recorder Various Sonata Baroque