Organ Music Recordings

The organ is one of the oldest keyboard musical instruments, sometimes dated back to ancient Greece. It spread during the middle ages and took a prominent place as an instrument in Christian liturgical music. Eventually it took a place as a concert instrument, and a rich literature for organ music exists, with most famous composers having written at least some music for it. Most of the times, the term 'organ' applied in Western art music context, refers to the standard pipe organ that can be found in churches, and theaters, or to chamber organs. However, other forms of organ exists besides the pipe organ: there are mechanical organs, non-piped organs (which use reeds), and electronic organs (which create sound by electronic means and reproduces it through loudspeakers).

Title Composer Form Period Ratings
I Vow Thee, My Country Gustav Holst Anthem Early 20th Century
L'Organiste pratique Alexandre Guilmant Books Romantic
Pracktische Orgelschule, Op. 68 Michael Henkel Books Classical
Kanonisches Trio 'Nun ruhen alle Wälder' Felix Woyrsch Canon Romantic
Cantata ''Es ist das Heil uns kommen her'', BWV 9 Johann Sebastian Bach Cantata Baroque
I am standing with one foot in the grave, BWV 156 Johann Sebastian Bach Cantata Baroque
Canzona 'La Foresta' Giovanni Cavaccio Canzona Renaissance
Canzonetta, BuxWV 225 Dietrich Buxtehude Canzona Baroque
La Cortese Claudio Merulo Canzona Renaissance
La Gonzaga (Canzon francese) Amante Franzoni Canzona Baroque
La Leonora Claudio Merulo Canzona Renaissance
Capriccio in B flat major, BWV 992 Johann Sebastian Bach Caprice Baroque
Capriccio pastorale, F 2.35 Girolamo Frescobaldi Caprice Baroque
Capriccios Johann Jacob Froberger Caprice Baroque
Capricio Sopra re fa mi sol Giovanni de Macque Caprice Renaissance
Fugues et Caprices François Roberday Caprice Baroque
Chaconne in E minor, BuxWV 160 Dietrich Buxtehude Chaconne Baroque
Passacaglia, BuxWV 161 Dietrich Buxtehude Chaconne Baroque
3 Chorals for Organ César Franck Chorale Late 19th century
52 Chorale Preludes, Op.67 Max Reger Chorale Romantic
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