Lute Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The term lute refers to a family of plucked string instruments with a round back and a the strings running in parallel to the soundboard. There are European and Eastern versions of the lute, which descend from a common ancestor. The various European lutes were widely used in instrumental music from the Medieval to the late Baroque periods, and were one of the most important instruments in secular music. The lute functioned most of the times as an accompaniment instrument, either plucking chords, following a written out line, or realizing the basso continuo. The lute eventually fell out of use, and much of its music was adapted for the guitar. The 20th century saw a revival of interest in this instrument.

Title Composer Form Period Ratings
Alba Novella Fabritio Caroso Ballet Renaissance
A briefe and easye instruction to learne the tableture Adrian Le Roy Books Renaissance
A New Book of Tabliture William Barley Books Renaissance
A New Book of Tabliture for the Orpharion William Barley Books Renaissance
A Varietie of Lute Lessons Robert Dowland Books Renaissance
Capirola Lutebook Vincenzo Capirola Books Renaissance
Florilegium Adrian Denss Books Renaissance
Intabolatura de lauto Domenico Bianchini Books Renaissance
Intabolatura de Lauto Giovanni Maria da Crema Books Renaissance
Intavolature de lauto Vincenzo Galilei Books Renaissance
Lautenbuch Stephan Craus Books Renaissance
Lautenspieler des XVI. Jahrhunderts Oscar Chilesotti Books Baroque
Le Tresor d’Orphée Antoine Francisque Books Renaissance
Libro primo d'intabulatura da leuto Antonio di Becchi Books Renaissance
Methode pour apprendre facilement a toucher le theorbe sur la basse-continuë Nicolas Fleury Books Baroque
Novum pratum musicum longe amoenissimum Emanuel Adriaenssen Books Renaissance
Pièces de théorbe et de luth Robert de Visée Books Baroque
Premier Livre contenant plusieurs Motetz, Chansons, et Fantasies Julien Belin Books Renaissance
Premier livre de tabelature de luth Bálint Bakfark Books Renaissance
Secret des Muses Nicolas Vallet Books Baroque